Empties - August 2012

As you can see I am faithful to some products: Bourjois Micellar Cleansing Water and Nivea Dry Comfort Deodorant haha! 
I've also used up L'Oreal Elseve Nutri-Gloss Light Shampoo which I really like and it was my bottle number 5 I believe. The Ziaja Maziajki body wash smells of vanilla ice cream with cookies, so divine but it is not moisturising enough for my dry skin so I had to put a lot of lotion on after shower. 
What I also loved is the Oriflame Giordani Gold makeup base, so nice! 
Inglot nail polish remover is very good as well, doesn't dry cuticles at all because it has oil in it. I've also used up Oriflame matte control pressed powder which I loved (already have another one!) and Oriflame Pure Nature Night Cream which has a very strong smell but it didn't bother me much. 
The Clinique toner wasn't my fave, it took me ages to finish it and I won't be repurchasing :( 
Oh and I've also used up a fragrance called Enigma by Oriflame as well, liked it a lot! 

The Essence My Skin Pomegranate & Bamboo Caring Cleansing Wipes were cheap and ok but the scent is too strong and they were not soak enough for me so I won't be buying these again.

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