Golden Rose - South Beach #08

Nie mogę się zdecydować, w jakim języku pisać - raz w angielskim, raz w polskim - teraz padło na polski i chyba póki co przy tym pozostanę ;) 

Dzisiaj dodaję zdjęcia kolejnego lakieru Golden Rose z linii Selective - to piękny nudziak o nazwie South Beach. Ładnie kryje przy 2 grubszych lub 3 cieńszych warstwach. Bardzo lubię takie cieliste kolory, są bardzo eleganckie i nadają się na każdą okazję =) 

I bonusik - South Beach w połączeniu z Dreamy Glitter od NYX Girls =)

Golden Rose - Cranberry Ice Cream #32

Here's another polish from the Golden Rose Selective line: #32 Cranberry Ice Cream is a reddish pink and it has a jelly-like finish. I was surprised because the other ones I have were creams or shimmers and this one is a jelly! Also it's more pink than red in the bottle but on the nails it appears more red. 

So shiny! =)

Make-up haul

Here's my latest haul: I bought everything pictured above at Cocolita.pl on Monday and the package arrived on Thursday =) I needed a new bottle of my favorite foundation - Revlon Colorstay for Normal/Dry skin in the shade 150 Buff and I also went a bit crazy with the eyeshadows and brushes.... anyway I needed some new brushes and these were cheap and I know Hakuro makes good quality brushes so I purchased 4:
H61, H70, H77 and H79. 

I've been dreaming about the Nude'tude palette from The Balm ever since I saw it in some tutorials on youtube and I finally got it! As a bonus I got a discounted Maybelline Eyestudio palette in Ravishing Rose, W7 bronzer in Honolulu & Africa and as a free gift I got the cute Sleek Makeup mirror - thanks Cocolita =)

I have yet to try the shadows/bronzers but I swatched them and I'm very happy with my purchases! Yay!

Golden Rose - Atomic Green #41

Today I wanted to show another polish from the Golden Rose - Selective line: #41 Atomic Green is a shimmery green mixed with shimmery gold - very pretty. Normally I'm not a big fan of green on the nails but this was such a unique mixture I couldn't resist. I don't have anything else like it in my stash. 

The application was very easy, pictured are 2 coats, no top coat. The brush in these polishes is not too big, not too small - just right. I like working with it. Plus these are so cheap I want them all ;)

Tony Moly - GS08

I've been wanting to have this nail polish ever since I saw it on Pinterest over a year ago. About 2 weeks ago I found an auction on eBay and I finally got it! This is Tony Moly - GS08, it's made in Korea and it's so gorgeous! It's a milky blue base with blue and pink tiny and hexagonal glitter - such a beauty! I believe it's similar to Revlon's Whimsical - also on my wish list ;) 

The first time I put it on I didn't use anything underneath, the polish is very sheer, you need at least 4 coats to get the blue to show up. So I decided to go for a layer of light blue polish as a base underneath the GS08 (I used Lovely Crystal Strength #333) and it was much better. I then painted 2 coats of the Tony Moly over it =)
* Photos were taken after wearing this polish for 2 days ;)

Golden Rose - Creme Brulee #11

Here's another shade from the Golden Rose - Selective line: #11 Creme Brulee is a pale pink, opaque in 3 coats. It is a little streaky but not too much, it evens out nicely. I took the photos with my phone as I don't have time to take better pics during the week.

Playing with make-up

It's Saturday, it's been snowing outside so I don't feel like going anywhere... so I thought why not play with some make-up! =) I like wearing heavier make-up during the weekend so I wanted to test out some products I haven't used yet. I did one eye in purple and the other one in black - I look like a crazy person but anyway I really like both results enough to share them =)

Right eye
Purple makes the green in my eyes pop so I really like purples, violets, mauves on my eyes. For this eye I used:
- Dax Cosmetics Cashmere Eyeshadow Base (my favorite)
- Catrice - Made To Stay Longlasting Cream Eyeshadow #070 Mauvie Star (I love cream shadows!)
- Essence - Wild Craft Eyeshadow #03 Mystic Lilac (it's so pigmented!)
- Inglot - Eyeshadow Matte 337 (to blend the edge)
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - #608 Cottage Cheese in the inner corner
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - #623A Purple Velvet on the lower lash line
- Essence - I <3 Rock Gloss Eye Pencil on the waterline
- Maybelline - One By One Satin Black mascara - my favorite lately
- Avon - Perfect Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde.

Left eye
I went all black on the left eye. I used:
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - #601 Black Bean as a base (so impressed with this product, really creamy and pigmented!)
- Sleek Eyeshadow in Noir from the #601 Au Naturel palette
- Sleek Eyeshadow in Regal from the same palette (to blend the edge)
- Essence - I <3 Rock Gloss Eye Pencil on the waterline
- Maybelline - One By One Satin Black mascara
- Avon - Perfect Eyebrow Pencil in Blonde.

Thoughts? =)

Golden Rose - Jolly Jewels #115

This glitter polish ... I can't even! It's such a beauty, I'm in love. This is #115 from the Jolly Jewels collection by Golden Rose. I've been so impressed with GR lately, this line is amazing and so is the Selective line (I've shown the Fruit Sherbet polish from that line and since then I went and bought some more colors... yeah I love these!). 

Back to #115 - these should have names in my opinion, not just numbers! - it's a milky base with colorful glitter. No problems at all with the application. The glitter is rather easy to distribute all over the nail. Pictured are 2 coats + 1 layer of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. I also used the peel off base by Essence underneath. 

It's beautiful! I gotta confess I bought a few more from this line, it's just so pretty and I love me some glittah! =D 

Artificial light

Essie - Fiji

I bought this beauty in Hebe yesterday and I had to paint my nails on the same day. It was instant love! Essie - Fiji is a very pale milky pink, very opaque, covers completely in 2 coats. It's gorgeous, I can't even express how much I love it! I keep looking at my nails all the time =) 
If you like pinks it's a definite must as it's just so elegant and classy looking! Love love love!

Hebe Mini-Haul

I gotta say I love going shopping on Saturdays. This trip resulted in the goodies above. My best friend and I went to Hebe (which is a drugstore) and spent good 40 minutes there, they seriously have some great stuff! Anyways I got:
- L'Oreal Color Infaillible Eyeshadow - 002 Hourglass Beige (this looks like a gorgeous highlight color!)
- Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter - 050 Berry Smoothie
- Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss - 042 Bellini
- Revlon Colorstay Longwear Nail Enamel - 040 Provence
- Essie - Fiji.

I've already painted my nails with the Essie - Fiji polish and I am in love! It's so gorgeous!! Very pale pink but so opaque, I think it will be my favorite for a long time. I will post pictures tomorrow because it's dark outside already.

Orly - Be Iconic

This beautiful color by Orly - Be Iconic will be perfect for Summer - it's very vivid and gorgeous! I'm wearing it today to chase Winter away but it's not working as it's snowing... anyway, pictured are 2 coats and no top coat. I would normally use top coat but my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri is being naughty lately and is bubbling a lot. 
I did get bubbles this time even without using top coat but I don't blame Orly - I think I didn't have my nails cleaned properly as I was kind of rushing with the application so mea culpa! It's still gorgeous though! Thanks to Cheryl for sending me this beauty =)

Oh and I'm off shopping so be prepared... ;)

Golden Rose - Fruit Sherbet #19

I picked it up last Friday along with the Jolly Jewels glitters - I'm a sucker for dusty pinks/mauves lately and this one is so gorgeous! It is opaque in 1 coat but I've painted 2 just in case, the formula is great and I'm really amazed by it! I'm gonna have to get more from the Selective range because this one is so awesome! 

Golden Rose - Jolly Jewels #103

I knew I had to try these glitters ever since I saw them on many beauty blogs! They are chunky glitters from Golden Rose, there are quite many colors and they are made to look like the frankens you see on Etsy. Since I love pink gold I had to get #103 which is tiny gold glitter and chunkier pink hexagonal glitter. It's a real beauty!

Pictured are 3 coats and I used Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Top Coat. I think Seche Vite might be better for such chunky, gritty gliters, just to even out the surface but I currently don't have it. I used my new Essence Peel Off Base Coat underneath, I hope it will make removing it easy - as such heavy glitter would be horrible and difficlut to remove with nail polish remover. Obviously I'm not gonna wear these to work so I will test the base soon enough ;)

Artificial light:

This would be perfect for carnival! =)

Haul: NYX, Essence, Catrice

I've done some shopping during the Holiday season and just now have time to share some of the things I got recently.

First store I visited after Christmas was newly opened NYX salon in Blue City in Warsaw. I got some of the products I wanted to try:
- blush in Taupe (for contouring)
- mega shine lip gloss in Perfect and Beige
- sheer gloss in Barely There (got it for free at check out - cool!)
- jumbo eye pencil in Black Bean and Yogurt. 

I did use the Yogurt one already and love it, I'm sure I'm gonna get more colors, those pencils are amazing.

Essence Multi Action mascara was my favorite until I discovered Maybelline's One By One which is my current fave! Anyway I decided to get a waterproof version of Multi Action to use on my lower lashes. I use regular Multi Action (pink one) now and it smudges lightly throughout the day so I'm gonna give this a try! 

I also went to Natura drugstore yesterday to find the Essence Peel Off Base Coat which should be perfect for glitter polishes - as everyone knows it's a pain to remove glitter polish so this should make it so much easier! Can't wait to try it. Also picked up 2 cuticle removers. 

The last thing I got are 2 eyeshadows by Catrice - Pure Chrome. The one I really liked was sold out (sadly) but I decided to get those 2 instead and they look great, I can't wait to wear them! =)


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