Empties: September 2012

Not really proud of myself, haven't used up many products in September... Anyway I was able to finish:

- Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Citrus & Eyebright Refreshing Face Wash - I go through face washing products pretty fast and I love trying out new stuff, this one was ok, nothing too special but it did good with removing makeup;

- Avon Naturals Body Renewing Raspberry Body Lotion - love the scent, really fruity and good moisturiser, I will try more scents when I'm finished with my body lotions/balms stack ha!

- Cien Nail Polish Remover - does the job well, I prefer removers with acetone because they work faster and better with glitter polishes, I've already got 2 backups of this!

- L'Oreal Youth Code - it does make the skin smooth to the touch, absorbs quickly and works under regular moisturiser and foundation. Rather expensive though and I didn't notice much improvement to my skin's condition :( But I liked using it;

- Essence Black Mania mascara - Essence has some great mascaras and cheap too! This one was a bonus with another Essence purchase and it was great, very black and stayed on well. I'd buy it again but I think they don't make this one anymore - they have new ones though which I love too;

- Oriflame Foot Rescue Mask for Dry and Tired Feet - smells of eucalyptus I think, rather thick but works so well! I'd buy it again :)

- Bourjois Make Up Remover Wipes - my faves! I will get more, it's just a matter of time, love this stuff! 

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