Mini haul: Garnier BB Cream & Essence eyeshadow

I went shopping for shoes yesterday as I need a new comfy pair for work. I also went to Rossmann (it's a drugstore) and picked up Garnier BB Cream and also Essence cream eyeshadow from the limited edition called A New League. It was the only one left and since I love their cream shadows so much I just had to grab it. It's a very pretty bronze! I really like it and wish they had more. I'm gonna have to search for them because they're lovely. 

I've also bought my first Sleek eyeshadow palette a few weeks ago but haven't taken pics, it's the i-Divine au naturel palette. I haven't used it much yet as I've been using more crazy Summer colors lately but I believe I'm gonna love it. Who doesn't love a nude/natural look? =) Also with the palette came my Real Techniques Powder Brush which is amazing! I love RT brushes and I'm sure I'll get more! Especially the new Expert Face Brush looks so tempting... ;)

I'm also very excited to have a new job, even more about getting paid again so I can go shopping and resume my beauty product swaps with Cheryl =)

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