Empties - December 2012

I'm doing December empties post early because I wanted to get rid of the empty containers before Christmas. Not much but anyways:
- Ziaja Coconut Hand Cream - I love everything coconut and this hand cream was no exception!
- Beautymint Essential Cleanser with Aloe - I've had high expectations. It is a good cleanser but it's unscented and it doesn't foam much... and I like my face cleansers scented and foaming. It does cleanse well though so if you're looking for an unscented one it is very good.
- Cien nail polish remover - I've used up a lot of those, like it a lot and will re-purchase!
- Ziaja Ulga face cream for sensitive skin - I loved it, it worked very well with my dry, sensitive skin and it was a perfect product to use under makeup! I might repurchase when I use up my other creams... lol
- Rimmel Match Perfection cream gel foundation in #100 True Ivory - I really liked it, it blended well and the color was perfect for my skin tone.
- Clinique High Impact Mascara - very good mascara, but didn't give a dramatic effect and I love big lashes :) It was nice to try!
- Marionnaud Pore Refiner Toning Lotion - I got it on sale, didn't expect much from it but it turned out to be a very nice product, if I ever find it on sale again I will repurchase :)

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