Golden Rose - Jolly Jewels #115

This glitter polish ... I can't even! It's such a beauty, I'm in love. This is #115 from the Jolly Jewels collection by Golden Rose. I've been so impressed with GR lately, this line is amazing and so is the Selective line (I've shown the Fruit Sherbet polish from that line and since then I went and bought some more colors... yeah I love these!). 

Back to #115 - these should have names in my opinion, not just numbers! - it's a milky base with colorful glitter. No problems at all with the application. The glitter is rather easy to distribute all over the nail. Pictured are 2 coats + 1 layer of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. I also used the peel off base by Essence underneath. 

It's beautiful! I gotta confess I bought a few more from this line, it's just so pretty and I love me some glittah! =D 

Artificial light

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  1. ciekawy efekt, jakiś czas temu wklejałam dwie inne propozycje Jolly Jewels, fajne są :)

    1. Zaraz sobie zerknę :) Ja już mam 7 lakierów z tej serii, chcę mieć wszystkie =D


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