Golden Rose - Jolly Jewels #103

I knew I had to try these glitters ever since I saw them on many beauty blogs! They are chunky glitters from Golden Rose, there are quite many colors and they are made to look like the frankens you see on Etsy. Since I love pink gold I had to get #103 which is tiny gold glitter and chunkier pink hexagonal glitter. It's a real beauty!

Pictured are 3 coats and I used Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Top Coat. I think Seche Vite might be better for such chunky, gritty gliters, just to even out the surface but I currently don't have it. I used my new Essence Peel Off Base Coat underneath, I hope it will make removing it easy - as such heavy glitter would be horrible and difficlut to remove with nail polish remover. Obviously I'm not gonna wear these to work so I will test the base soon enough ;)

Artificial light:

This would be perfect for carnival! =)

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